The Kansas City Aviation Department consists of the following divisions:

Accounting/Central Stores Division: Records all day-to-day accounting transactions, and prepares financial statements and miscellaneous reports as necessary.

Administration Division: Provides airport services in a safe and cost-effective manner for the benefit of citizens, visitors, airlines and customers.

Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting: The Kansas City Fire Department's Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) unit is responsible for all airfield-related fire and rescue operations at Kansas City International Airport and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport.

Airport Police Division: Protects life and property, and ensures the safety and security of the traveling public.

Bus Division: Provides safe and efficient bus transportation for the traveling public at KCI Airport. “Blue” buses shuttle passengers to/from the Economy Parking Lots. The “Red” buses transport travelers via a continuous circuit between Terminals B and C.

Commercial Development Division: Solicits, develops, manages and administers programs to develop operating revenue for the Aviation Department. Revenue is raised through airline agreements, concessions, ground leases, farming programs, car rentals, hotels, ground transportation, parking, building leases, etc. Also ensures tenant and employee compliance with City rules, regulations and contractual requirement. Works to promote the safety of employees and airport patrons while on Department property. Certifies the use of best faith efforts to achieve City-wide goals for inclusions of disadvantaged/minority/women business enterprises (D/M/WBE) in Department contracts.

Downtown Airport Division: Manages the day-to-day administrative, self-inspection, operations and maintenance functions of the General Aviation Reliever Airport to ensure continuous, all-weather safe and efficient operations of the airfield, terminals, hangars, fueling facilities, and public service functions of the airport in accordance with Federal certification requirements, City administrative directives, and Departmental policies. MKC offers aviators a 24-hour control tower, Category I Instrument Landing System, 24-hour fixed base operator (FBO), full aircraft maintenance, hangar facilities, air cargo facilities, aircraft sales, leasing and charters, flight training and car rentals.

Engineering Division: Directs the planning and engineering of both KCI and Downtown Airports' activities. The division manages the planning, design, construction and other services essential to implement the airside and landside projects to meet the needs of the air traveling public. The division also coordinates and provides oversight to the Department's Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Master Plans, Part 150, and ALP updates. The division processes and monitors contracts to ensure adherence to federal, state and local regulations and provides technical and CADD assistance to support the Department functions.

Facilities Maintenance: Custodial Division - Provides customer service while working as a team to make the airport a better workplace and a clean safe environment for customers.

Facilities Maintenance: Structural Division - Provides customer service in the provision of utility service, structural and mechanical systems maintenance services in all City-owned structures at KCI.

Field Maintenance Division: Provides day-to-day operation of the on-airport pavement and lighting systems, and maintenance of airport grounds, vehicular equipment and machinery for KCI.

Fleet Maintenance Division: Provides vehicles and fleet services, which enhance the Aviation Department's ability to provide operations.

Human Resources Division: Provides a diverse, quality workforce by recruiting, retaining and training employees to better themselves and the organization. Responsible for creating, implementing and/or overseeing policies governing employee behavior and the behavior of the company toward its employees. Oversees all areas of Human Resource Management such as recruitment and retention, exit interviews, motivation, performance reviews, training, professional development, mediation, benefits and retirement. Strives to provide customers with excellent service and assist them with their personnel needs.

Information Technology Division: Supplies the Aviation Department, airlines and passengers, with technology services that are available, reliable and appropriate for the intended business purpose.

Marketing Division: Strives to increase demand for commercial air service to and from Kansas City by effectively marketing Kansas City International and Charles B. Wheeler Downtown airports’ services and facilities to existing and potential tenants, including both passenger and air cargo carriers, the general public and any other business entity that may directly benefit from utilizing the airport system. Some issues covered by the division include:  public affairs, air service development, marketing and communications planning, customer service, events, volunteers, social media, filming and photography.

Operations Division: Maintains the safety and operational efficiency of the airfield in compliance with Federal Administration Regulation Part 139, and serves as liaison for all KCI Airport tenants.

Parking Division: Provides airport parking services for the visitors, airlines and customers of KCI. Ensures the accurate and efficient collection of parking lot revenue through the use of a parking lot contract operation. Manages a frequent parker program and automated pay lanes. Public lot areas include Economy Parking, Circle Parking, Garage Parking and Park Air Express.