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Saturday, June 16, 2012
Contact: Joe McBride

Full-scale Emergency Drill to be Conducted at KCI Airport June 20

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Aviation Department, in cooperation with numerous community agencies, will conduct a full-scale Emergency Exercise at Kansas City International Airport (KCI) on Wednesday, June 20, 10:00 a.m. to noon. This exercise is being held to evaluate Kansas City’s multi-agency response and readiness to a simulated aircraft emergency.

KCI will set up a scenario where local businesses, government agencies, hospitals, fire departments, police departments and emergency preparedness officials can rehearse their roles in response to an aircraft crash. The exercise will have many realistic components including smoke generators, debris on the airfield and volunteers acting as injured passengers. Members of the public in the KCI area at the time of the exercise should not be alarmed if they see smoke, fire and emergency vehicles driving through the area. The public should be advised that the activities are a part of a continuous, cooperative effort to keep passengers, the public and airport staff safe. For the safety of everyone, the public should stay away from the area.

KCI is required by the Federal Aviation Administration to hold full-scale emergency exercise every three years and tabletop drills during the off years to maintain the skill levels of each agency involved in an aircraft rescue effort.

Note to news media: If you wish to cover this event please respond to 533 Mexico City Avenue (Paris St. and Brasilia Ave.) where you will be shuttled out to the site prior to start. Please have news media credentials and be prepared to stay at least two hours.

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