Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Added at KCI Airport

Kansas City travelers who own electric vehicles can be even more charged up about their next trip! No longer will they need to worry if their vehicle batteries have enough charge to drive home when they land.

That’s because the Kansas City Aviation Department has teamed up with KCP&L to install 27 two-plug EV charging stations in long-term parking lots at Kansas City International Airport. The stations are now available in KCI Economy Parking B and C lots, as well as Park Air Express off 112th and Interstate 29.

The Kansas City region is now one of the best places to charge an electric vehicle. With more than 1,000 public charging stations, the Kansas City Clean Charge Network has more stations than any other U.S. city per capita and is second in the nation for year-over-year EV growth.

Kansas City is building a reputation as innovative and sustainable places to live and work, a reputation that is a­ttracting companies and talent. A recent ClimateWire article spotlights Kansas City as an EV mecca and the KCP&L Clean Charge Network as jumpstarting the industry. Since deployment of the network began in January 2015, the metropolitan area has experienced a more than 400 percent increase in EV charging sessions, number of EV drivers and electrical usage for EV charging. Kansas City is now second in the nation for year-over-year EV growth. The KCP&L Clean Charge Network can support more than 10,000 electric cars, 54 at KCI.

The Kansas City Aviation Department has long incorporated environmentally friendly programs into the operation of KCI Airport. It was an early adopter of Compressed Natural Gas buses in its parking lot fleet and has ordered electric buses to incorporate into its fleet.

The Kansas City Airport System is an Enterprise Fund Department of the City of Kansas City, Mo., and is supported wholly by airport user charges. No general tax fund revenues are used for the administration, promotion, operation, or maintenance of the airports in the system. Visit flykci.com for more information. Find us on Twitter and Facebook.





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