KCI Airport Now Viewable on Google Maps

New technology makes way-finding convenient and easy for travelers

The City of Kansas City, Mo., Aviation Department announced today that Kansas City International Airport has partnered with Google Maps to feature indoor floor plans of terminal areas on Android mobile devices. The partnership is the result of continued focus on offering better customer service for tech-savvy, ?connected? travelers. With Google Maps, Android users can zoom into KCI Airport?s three terminals and automatically see detailed floor plans of public areas. Information labels have been overlaid to show locations such as airline gates, restaurants, baggage claims, restrooms and more at the airport. Essentially, the new technology combines the information of a static directory map with the convenience of Google Maps for Android.

The new technology will increase convenience for travelers in many ways because physical on-site maps are only in finite locations at KCI and visitors must first find the directories. With the indoor maps available on Android devices, the maps come to the user in an easy and dynamic way. Because they are handily available in a traveler?s pocket or purse, using Google Maps can help the public spend less time being lost and quickly allow them to see where they are in relation to certain points of interest.

?Travelers can now use Google Maps for Android to more quickly and effortlessly figure out where they are and what?s around them when they?re indoors,? said Steve Lee, Director of Product Management at Google. ?We?re thrilled to work with Kansas City International Airport to improve people?s airport experience and help them determine various places within the venue they might want to go ? be it a specific gate, ticket counter, restaurant, or just a restroom or ATM.?
Google Maps is an internet-connected, web mapping service application provided by Google to users for free. The service is robust and offers many valuable travel tools. Google Maps for Android is available wherever a user has a connection for their mobile device. Indoor maps are seamlessly integrated into Google Maps--there is no separate app to download and no need to download individual areas. More information can be found at maps.google.com/starthere and http://googleblog.blogspot.com/.

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