KCI Airport Still Offers Cheaper, Quicker Alternatives Than Other Midwest Airports

KANSAS CITY, MO., November 19, 2008 ? Kansas City International Airport (KCI) helps keep money in regional flyers? wallets by providing more air service at lower fares compared to the airports in Des Moines, Omaha and Wichita. Average air fares at KCI are lower than other major Midwest cities including Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Tulsa. As a result, savvy regional travelers are making the easy drive to KCI to take advantage of lower fares and convenient nonstop flights to key destinations. Locals continue to reap the benefits of KCI?s excellent air service.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation?s Origin and Destination Survey for the year ending with the second quarter of 2008, the average one way domestic fare from KCI was $140, compared to $195 from Des Moines, $156 from Omaha and $180 from Wichita. Of the top forty destinations from these four regional cities, KCI had the lowest fare more than 52 percent of the time. Average fares at other large airports regional travelers may use include $160 from Oklahoma City, $145 from St. Louis and $153 from Tulsa.

Savings to key leisure and business destinations from KCI were even more substantial. A family of four flying roundtrip from KCI to Atlanta saves an average of $792 over the same trip originating in Omaha. A business owner in Des Moines making one trip to Dallas/Ft. Worth saves an average of $212 by flying roundtrip from KCI. A Wichita couple making a weekend trip to Nashville saves an average of $588 by flying roundtrip from KCI.

Additionally, flying through KCI enables travelers to reach 50 destinations nonstop, decreasing the chances of missed connections and lost bags while allowing passengers to more quickly reach their final destinations.

?The twelve airlines serving KCI offer nearly three times more seats from Kansas City than Omaha and six times more seats than Des Moines and Wichita,? said Kansas City Aviation Director Mark VanLoh. ?KCI?s low fares and nonstop flights make it easy for travelers to reach the most popular destinations. With convenient highway access, and Economy Parking at just $5.50 per day, KCI is worth the drive.?

For more information about airlines, destinations and parking at Kansas City International Airport, visit the Kansas City Aviation Department Web site at www.flykci.com. A grid detailing the latest fare report is available at www.flykci.com/Newsroom/TrafficStats/Index.

The Kansas City Airport System is an enterprise fund department of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and is supported wholly by airport user charges. No general tax fund revenues are used for the administration, promotion, operation, or maintenance of the airports in the system. Visit www.flykci.com for more information.

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