Terminal Development

Kansas City International Airport’s three-terminal layout was designed in the 1960s and opened in 1972 before passenger and baggage screening were required. The last two KCI Master Plans recommended building a new, single terminal for added convenience and efficiency. The City of Kansas City, Missouri City Council approved an 18-month study to validate the goals, objectives and passenger demand characteristics to guide the design of a new single terminal complex. Following the completion of that study, the Mayor's Airport Terminal Advisory Group was established and tasked with reviewing appropriate relevant facts and consulting with key stakeholders to make a recommendation as to the optimal configuration of KCI. Subject to final cost estimates, a new single terminal was found to be the best alternative.

From 2014 through mid-2016 the Aviation Department worked with its airline partners to determine how to improve terminal facilities for airport users with a primary focus on customer convenience and affordability. The team weighed options that including working with the existing buildings to enhance and update them as well as building new facilities that are designed with current and future needs in mind. On April 26, 2016 the Aviation Department and its airline partners presented a final recommendation to the City of Kansas City, Missouri City Council for a new single terminal design.

Now the City’s Aviation Department is asking residents to weigh in directly on the next step in the planning process for any potential upgrades at Kansas City International Airport. Feedback from residents will be gathered through a series of listening sessions hosted by business, neighborhood and community groups.

The listening sessions will be an open forum for residents to discuss their thoughts and concerns about the airport with Aviation Department leadership, and will include a short presentation to bring everyone up-to-date on previous planning efforts. Information gathered through community listening sessions will directly influence the terminal facility planning process and will be shared with City Council members. Click here for more information and to schedule your neighborhood group. View a PDF of the PowerPoint shown at the listening sessions. 

The links below provide an overview and additional information will be posted as it is available. 

WATCH VIDEO - City of KCMO Council Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Meetings   
WATCH VIDEO - City of KCMO Airport Committee Meetings  
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KCI Master Plan and Part 150 Studies

On Dec 18th, 2008, the City Council for the City of Kansas City, Missouri approved Resolution No. 081231. This resolution adopts the Kansas City International Airport 2008 Master Plan Study and Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program as the official guide for development of Kansas City International Airport. The Executive Summary for each of these studies is presented on this site. These plans are important tools the City uses to identify aviation issues and needs, land use, transportation issues, development guidelines, recommendations and priorities for public investment, stormwater management and environmental stewardship for the project area. They will serve as the framework to guide decision-making as it relates to the KCI facilities and the City’s overall Comprehensive Plan. This is the first time anywhere that an Airport Master Plan and Noise Compatibility Study have ever been combined with a general land use plan for the surrounding area.